How it all began!

Where do I start?

Well, I was born in Fort Wayne, IN and raised in Bluffton, IN. I have been all over the Southern and Eastern United States, including Orlando, FL; Jekyll Island, GA; Ocean City, MD; and even South Padre Island, TX. Ever since I was little, I had an eye that caught things that most people couldn’t. This gift has been a blessing, allowing me to expand my horizons as a person, seeing the world for what it is.

It has been a curse also, it allowed me to SEE, and there are some things that I didn’t like seeing. I couldn’t ignore it though. I tried many different ways to calm my angst, almost all failed. It wasn’t until my senior year at Southern Wells Jr.-Sr. High School (A school literally in the middle of a cornfield) when I was assigned with other students to make a short video. I picked up a little handycam, and I was able to finally relieve myself of my angst. It was through filmmaking that I was able to express myself. Not to mention the video was a huge hit at the school, which I guess gave me the confidence to further pursue my dream.

Immediately after, I started looking for Film Schools. I went to Ball State and Huntington University for campus visits, but they weren’t the right place for me. I then found this small, new film school in Franklin, TN named The Nashville Film Institute. Curious, I went to the school in March, and I don’t know why, it just had the feeling of home. I spontaneously fell in love with the environment.

One week after I graduated High School, I packed my bags and left for Franklin. I then spent the next year learning from some of the best teachers and filmmakers out there, even being able to work on set for Jeff Allard (Producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). It was April of 2012 when I graduated, and I had my first gig lined up–On Site Videographer for Youth Conference Ministries, and traveling throughout the Southern and Eastern United States to document camps and highlight the events occurring. Also I had the opportunity to work with the Sketch Artists, and create humorous videos for them (At the same time I’m honing my craft).

After that, I went back to Franklin to look for work. And it was weird, I couldn’t find anything. No one was hiring. No one was making movies. The area was almost dead. I then got a call to go back to Fort Wayne, IN. Next thing I know, I’m making a video for a Fashion company? FILM WORK IN FORT WAYNE?! My mind was surely blown.

And that’s where the story ends for now…


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